to those telling us to mitigate our tears | anger | pain | responses —

because drones
because US foreign policy
because Pakistani government
because Pakistani army
because media

we’re telling you:
because children

when we have spent years trying to make you understand U.S. foreign policy – to look at drone attacks – to sympathize with the children, women, and men being murdered by the US government in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and now Syria – to notice the Pakistani government’s complicity in drone strikes and the “War on Terror” – to notice the relationship between what happens in this country and what we do to other countries – to simply see. our. pain.

we were told those places are no longer our “homes” – right here is where we should place our concern – not on Gaza – not on Pakistan – not on “foreign” nations – stop sending your money “there” – to not link what happens “here” and “there” because we’re co-opting struggles – to. be. numb.

so now I’m requesting you to stop. co-opting.
our. pain.
our. children.
our. foreign. nation.
our. lives.

to teach us a lesson.
we are not your case-study.
for Pakistan.
for Islam.
for foreign policy.
for war.
for political struggle.

we are angry. we are in pain. we just lost another batch of <our> children | <our> teachers | <our> parents.

we are not suddenly in need of your [academic | political | Islamic | fair-minded | neutral] insights.

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