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iram f. ali was born in rural Pakistan and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Her experiences as an immigrant woman of color growing up in an increasingly inhospitable and Islamophobic atmosphere have greatly shaped her passion for social justice, including immigrant rights, women’s rights, and black liberation. Intersectionality between oppressions is a key focus for Iram. She consistently seeks to center marginalized identities as a pathway to justice and collective liberation through a decolonial and anti-racist lens.

Iram is currently a Campaign Manager at after completing her Kairos Fellowship. She has led campaign tactics around the Flint water crisis and worked to provide protest support to various student and immigrant groups as they chose to take a stand against Trump’s hate and bigotry. Mostly recently, she was the Digital Lead for the #OhioAgainstHate campaign, where her live tweeting led to the hashtag trending in Ohio and making it into Twitter Moments.

Before joining, she was an Associate Director at Iraq Veterans Against the War, a non-profit organization seeking to dismantle U.S. militarism. Iram has organized educational panels on topics ranging from “Muslim Narratives” to “Framing Islam: Challenges of Islamophobia & Orientalism.” She is also a published essayist and first-degree blackbelt.

In her free time, Iram likes writing fiction and traveling the world. Follow along on twitter @iramfali.


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